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Shabu Grill

What is Shabu Shabu?

Shabu-Shabu is the Japanese art of cooking thinly sliced meat or seafood with vegetables by dipping them in a boiling broth.

This is our goal

Our goal is to provide guests with a welcoming experience of healthy, fresh, quality food and excellent service all at a reasonable price.

How to enjoy

Dunk the morsels of quality meat or seafood with vegetables, tofu and udon noodles in our delicious boiling broths.

Our dining experience

Here at Shabu Grill we want your dining experience to be a memory to last a lifetime.

Some like it social

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  • Our Feedback -- yelp

    Crab legs are actually sweet! Food is fresh, not much into the desserts,
    maybe it's because we ate too much and left no room for sweets.
    Will definitely return next time in Vegas!

  • Our Feedback -- yelp

    This place is all you can eat and perfect for group party c' you take your time do your own hotpot
    and talk while waiting for food to cook. Many varieties of food for shabu, great seafood choices,
    lot of sauces for you, very nice appetizers that hard to find. Very enjoy shabu grill.

  • Our Feedback -- yelp

    Love going here with my parents. Every thing looks and tastes fresh.
    I love that I have control of what I want cooked and how I want it cooked.
    It's healthy. No oil because it's boiled.
    If I get tired of any of the food choices I can just sip on the soup.

  • Our Feedback -- yelp

    This place was excellent! The format is all you can eat and its $24.99 per person.
    It seems pricy but once you see your options it's worth it!

  • Our Feedback -- yelp

    Very nice service!! very good food and reasonable price !!!
    Specially the girl and the guy in the dessert bar they are so nice !!!

Opening Hours

These are our soup


clear, spicy and sour soup.


made from Chicken Stock


Spicy Chicken Broth dip in Boiling Broth

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1. Dunk meat or seafood

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2. Dunk the vegetable

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3. Dipping in boiling broths

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4. After ingredients are cooked

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5. dipping in signature sauces

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6. enjoy them with steamed rice

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7. Cook, dip and enjoy!

This is our menu


1263 E. Silverado Ranch Blvd. Ste. 106-108 Las Vegas, NV. 89183
Corner of Silverado Ranch and Maryland Pkwy.

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